Absent? No Problem!


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                      Absent? No Problem!


     When students are absent sometimes they don’t know what to do. This can cause them to not do work or think they are excused from the work that was assigned on the day they were absent. This is not the case. You must do the work that was assigned when you weren’t there. This article will help you know what to do. 

     Some students don’t know what to do when they’re absent. Your teachers will have probably posted that day’s assignment on Canvas in the modules or assignments page. You should follow the directions posted in the assignment and if you don’t understand something you can either try and do it to the best of your abilities, ask the teacher for clarification in an email, or ask when you get back. If you ask them the question when you get back you should probably do the assignment that night. 

     If the teacher hasn’t posted the assignment for that day then you can ask the teacher to put it on Canvas by email or you could ask the teacher and your classmates what you did when you get back. 

     If you’re sick then you shouldn’t do work that day but you have to do it once you get better. If the teacher asks why you didn’t do your assignment you can just say you were sick and that you’ll get it done that day. Different teachers have different policies regarding students doing assignments at home but I’m sure most would be understanding of you not doing work when you’re sick. Just make sure you get the assignment you missed done.

      I hope this article cleared up confusion on what to do when you’re absent. Goodbye, see you next time!


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