You Don’t Have to Gripe Over Grades!

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      You Don’t Have to Gripe Over Grades!


     Some people are freaking out about their grades now that second semester has arrived. They see that their grades have reset and they are worried about it. This article is designed to help anyone with those types of worries! Now let’s get started!


     So as you all know by now your grades start over for 2nd semester. This means that you start with no assignments and no grades. By now you will have probably gotten assignments so you should have a grade. If your grade is really bad or failing don’t panic. It looks really bad but this is just the start of the semester. If you have a bad grade (or bad grades) you can always improve them later on. Now, this doesn’t mean you should slack off but you don’t need to be super stressed about it. This is the time where a one point assignment means the difference between 100% (A) and 0% (F).


     If your family is worrying about it, explain what I said above. If they’re really pressuring you then see if you can redo those assignments until you get a satisfactory grade. I understand that you may not like seeing your grades that way but I’m sure they’ll get better. 


    If you want to do better on future assignments you could always study. You could take your time on assignments and look up information that can help you. To be clear I’m not telling you to cheat. I’m just saying that if you’re having trouble on a certain topic you can look up some videos explaining it to you.


     Basically, what all of this means is that you shouldn’t worry about what your grades look like right now. Just keep paying attention in class and studying and I’m sure you’ll be fine. Please comment if you have any other article suggestions! Goodbye, see you in the next article!  


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