Staff Feature! Ms. Zumbo!


Picture Credit: Katie Becker Photo Credit: Astrid Knowlton, Lina Steinhagen

Hello guys, welcome to the article you all have been waiting for: A Staff Feature! For our first interview, we have invited Ms. Zumbo, the band teacher, to participate.

What made you want to be a teacher?

“When I was a kid, my mother and both my sisters were teachers and I swore I would never become one…until I had a really great music teacher that made me want to be just like him. Even so, it was my interest in music that fueled my interest in finding my way to become a teacher.”

Who is your teacher bestie?

“My husband! He’s also a music teacher so we can understand each other’s perspective and experiences.”

What is your favorite thing about teaching?

“My favorite thing is my students. I am so lucky to get to hang out with them all day! It’s the best part of my job!”

Is the subject you teach your favorite subject?

“Definitely. They are all important (and I liked most of them-at times-when I was a student), but music is definitely my favorite!”

Which is your favorite period to teach?

“Whichever class is in front of me at the moment!”

We all hope you have enjoyed this interview! Check back to learn more about your favorite teachers.