Suelo Reviews: Encanto!


              Suelo Reviews: Encanto!


If you couldn’t already tell, this is a review about a Disney movie called Encanto! Get comfortable and start reading!


This movie was a big hit right when it was released. According to Rotten Tomatoes, Encanto has sold almost 70 million dollars at the box office. To me, that is crazy. What I think is awesome is that Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote most of the songs in the movie Encanto. 


In the beginning of this movie, we learn about the Main character, Mirabel Madrigal. Mirabel is talking to her grandmother, Alma Madrigal. I like how straight away, we get into some music. The first song we get is, The Family Madrigal. This song has a great variety of music. There is a hip-hop style which is very Lin-Maunuel Miranda, flamenco, and pop in this song. In the song The Family Madrigal, we learn about, well… the family Madrigal! I absolutely love it.


My absolute favorite song from this movie is called Dos Oruguitas. It has a flamenco beat, and some nice acoustic chords.


I interviewed Yoel, a very cool guy. “The movie Encanto is meh,” he said when I asked him about the movie. When I asked him about the story line he said, “The story line is below average.” I also asked him what his favorite song from Encanto was. “My favorite song is All of You,” he replied. He also said, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno is overrated.” He thinks that, “The best character from Encanto is Dolores Madrigal, even though she looks likes a chicken.” 


I also interviewed a person who would like to remain anonymous. We’ll call them Timmy for now. I asked Timmy what his favorite song from Encanto is and he said, “That one song with those dancing people.” I liked that song too. I also asked Timmy what he thought of the story line, he said “The story line is pretty cool. Wish they added some Pikachu sound affects though.” So do I, Timmy, so do I.


Well, that’s all I’ve got for you guys. Hope you have a great day! Tune in next time for another review.


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