Masks! What Students Think About Them


             😷 Masks, are they necessary? 😷


As all of you know, we’ve been wearing masks the entire school year. But are they still necessary? Do you like masks or not? These are the questions I asked students around the school, and here is what they said.


                                                                             Student quotes 

I non violently confronted Roberto Lopez, aka ‘a very cool guy’ (hit him up ladies and gentlemen) and he said,

“In my opinion, masks are kinda cringe, the reason why? Well, we have to wear them in P.E. which is just pain. ANOTHER annoying thing a it is that we can’t talk through the mask, well… we can but it is just so difficult too. It is also so difficult to recognize who someone is. And when we wear a mask for too long my ears hurt like heck. So everything that I said was the reason why I do not like masks. Also, I think masks are not necessary.”

Great opinion from Roberto Lopez.


I also confronted Santiago and got this quote from him.

I can’t breathe either way, I like masks.


I confronted Justin as well and he said:

I think people still need masks but not overly protective ones, but instead the thin ones. I think they are necessary but they’re not comfortable.

He gave no opinion on if he likes them or not.


I definitely asked Consuelo, aka ‘super cool finger-boarder and musical genius,’ and he gave me this quote;

“They’re pretty sick, and without them, I would be sick.”

Amazing rhymes, what else would the coolest guy in school say?


I also asked Adam and he said something along the lines of

“I don’t like them particularly but I don’t mind wearing them.”


And the third coolest guy (aka Georgiy) said

“I don’t think masks should be required at all times, if a person can’t breathe they should be able to take it off no matter where they are.”

I agree, for the most part.


I asked 10 different people other than the ones above, and 7 out of 10 people said they dislike masks. In conclusion, it seems like most people either don’t have an opinion about masks or don’t like them, this was to be expected, but it’s still pretty interesting to get opinions from other students. Tell me what you guys think about masks in the comments, c’ya. 



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