Norse Mythology, Characters and Realms

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           Norse Mythology, Characters and Realms



Asgard is the realm of Gods known as the Aesir. The gods of Asgard are typically warrior gods.



Odin is the king of Asgard and is known as the Allfather. He is the father of many gods.



Frigg is the queen of Asgard and is known for her kindness. She’s the goddess of marriage and motherhood.  



As you all probably know he is the god of thunder. He likes feasting and fighting.



Loki has god-like status. Loki is the god of trickery and lives in Asgard even though Loki is the child of a giant.



Vanaheim is the realm of Vanir gods. They are more chill than Aesir gods and typically lean toward fertility rather than war.



Njord is the king of Vanaheim and is stubborn and wise. He is also the god of the sea. 



He is the god of creativity and fertility, he’s also the son of Njord.



She is the goddess of beauty and love. She is Frey’s twin sister.



Jotunheim is the land of giants. It houses two main types of giants, stone giants and ice giants. Stone giants are strong and aggressive. Ice giants hate gods, are violent, and are made entirely of ice.



Nidavellir is the land of dwarfs. Dwarfs are skilled craftsmen and are very stubborn. They live underground in caves.



This realm is a realm of fire. It’s ruled by Surt and anyone not belonging there will burn up. Surt is an evil demon who patiently waits to burn down the world.



Alfheim is the land of light elves and it’s not very important in myths.


Nifelheim and Helheim

These two realms are for the dead. Evil people go to Nifelheim to die again painfully while everyone else goes to Helheim, which is ruled by Loki’s daughter, Hel.