Yoel and Suelo’s Food Review


     Yoel and Suelo’s Food Review


                 1 = I’d only eat this if my life depended on it

                 2 = I’d eat this only in the desert

                 3 = I will only eat this once a century

                 4 = I will eat this to make my grandma happy

                 5 = I will sometimes eat this

                 6 = I will eat this once a month

                 7 = Tastes decent 

                 8 = Yo, this tastes pretty bomb, my guy

                 9 = I will eat this whenever 

                 10 = I’d eat this for the rest of my life


 Chicken = 10/10 in Yoel’s and Consuelo’s opinion


Chicken is the pinnacle of foods, it is the best thing to have ever graced my tongue. Whenever I see it I want to embrace it with my love and eat it all up. I would eat chicken and only chicken for the rest of my life if someone offered that to me. It’s great for anything. Want protein? Chicken. Want a tasty meal? Chicken. Want something to love? Chicken. Chicken is DELICIOUS! 


Pineapple pizza = 5/10 

Opinion from Yoel – I haven’t had it so I wouldn’t know. 

Opinion from Consuelo – It’s decent. Could be worse. Could be better.


Firehouse Subs, subs = 7/10


Firehouse Subs, subs are good (the name of the restaurant is Firehouse Subs, I’m talking about their subs that they serve). In my opinion (Yoel) their subs are better than Subway’s by a long shot but I’ve only had the meatball with cheese, it’s like a pizza thing. So take that how you will.

In my opinion (Suelo) the turkey sub is the best sub from Firehouse Subs. Firehouse subs are pretty good.


Pancakes = 8/10


In my opinion (Yoel) pancakes are one of the best breakfast foods, they can actually be eaten at anytime of day and can be ate with almost anything, except pickles, pickles suck.

In my opinion (Consuelo) pancakes are a 20/10. You can eat pancakes for breakfast, lunch, as a snack, or dinner.


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