My All Time, Premier League Starting 11 (4-3-3)


Hello everyone! Today I am going through what my choice of a starting 11 line-up of all time would be in the Premier League! I may forget some players, but please excuse me, because I am not an amazing Premier League follower. With that said, let’s get into it!

Line-up Card

Head Coach: Sir Alex Ferguson

Goalkeeper: De-Gea

Centerbacks: Rio Ferninand, John Terry

Outsidebacks: Ashley Cole, Alexander-Arnold

Midfielders: (left center) Xabi Alonso, (center) Mesut Ozil , (right center) Steven Gerrard

Left wing: Cristiano Ronaldo

Stiker: Didier Drogba

Right wing: Gareth Bale


Starting in the stands, I would have to go with the best coach of all time, Sir Alex Ferguson. There is no reason to not put him as the head coach of this all-time greats team. Think about it, he got KNIGHTED for being a COACH. Plus, since he was the coach of Manchester United while they were the best club in the world, he knows how to play each of the greats.

Starting as the goalkeeper of this god-squad, I would have to go with De-Gea, the Manchester United legend. I swear I am not being biased and only picking Manchester United players. He is a guaranteed lock to be a top 3 goalkeeper ever as long as he doesn’t fall back into the drought that he had for a couple of years. Overall, just the best goalkeeper in England.

Starting as my center backs, I would have to go with Rio Ferdinand and John Terry. John Terry led the Chelsea team for many years, and is now an amazing assistant coach for Aston Villa, making me put him as the captain of the team. Rio Ferdinand is just an all-time great. He is physically strong and wins every single ball in the air. 

Now as I go onto my outside backs, I would like to take Ashley Cole as my left-back, just a solid Chelsea defender that would slot into this team perfectly. And for my right back, I would love to just put a physically strong, active player. Alexander-Arnold is playing for Liverpool currently, but I do think that a good crossing defender could be a real asset to this team of legends.

Moving onto the midfield, I would love to take Mesut Ozil in the very center, in my opinion, one of the best playmakers of all time. He played amazingly for Arsenal and was always overlooked, but I do think he deserves to be on this list as a strong central midfielder. At the left center midfielder spot, I would feel great with a solid Xabi Alonso, a great pick that plays great with Ozil. In the right-center mid position, a very elusive Steven Gerrard would fit in amazingly well, having that strong right foot would be amazing to switch the field and long through balls.

Moving onto the offense, at my left winger position, I think we all know who I am taking. The best Premier League player of all time is Cristiano Ronaldo. This goliath of a man would do great with Steven Gerrard passing him the ball, and having good synergy with Ozil from his time at Real Madrid, I think he would slot in perfectly.

At my striker position, a very forgotten player, I am going to take Didier Drogba. An absolute stud at Chelsea during his career, he, in my opinion, is the best striker to ever live. He would win games for Chelsea more times than you could count. I think that Sergio Aguero would also have fit well here, but I think some more explosiveness from Drogba would do better.

At my right-wing position, I am going to take Gareth Bale. Gareth Bale was very forgotten that he played in Tottenham, but ever since he was playing in Real Madrid, I think he deserves to play on this team, even over David Beckham, simply because I think he would work very well with Steven Gerrard and that long ball potential.