Suelo and Yoel Review Retro Bowl!

Suelo and Yoel Review Retro Bowl!


                   RETRO BOWL


Hello, everyone, it’s Yoel, and welcome to another “Suelo and Yoel Review” sadly (please help)… anyways this time we will be reviewing ‘Retro Bowl,’ a game of throwing, running, and catching footballs.

There’s a large variety of teams that you can pick, just don’t pick Oklahoma or you’re gross and stinky. This doesn’t matter very much since you can customize your team and other things later on with enough time. Beware of your losses and wins though becauseee losses cause your team morale to go down but to be fair, i don’t know what happens when it goes down because i’m so good (yoel)

Hey guys, ignore Yoel, he’s brain dead. Anyways, Retro Bowl came out in 2020. It’ a great game to play on your phone, tablet, or on your computer. I absolutely love it. (Suelo.)

Its me again, Yoel, sorry for Suelo and his bad opinions and info. Anyways, your team can also suffer injuries so make sure to have a good backup or you’re screwed until he heals, you can also upgrade your team but there’s a cap to it so you know choose wisely. 

Hey, sorry for Yoel. Like I said he’s brain dead. When you lose a player, panik. Yes, panik with a k. It is heartbreaking. You will have to move in with your parents and get a job. After that, you will never have a future. Whatever, back to Yoel The Brain Dead.

Consuelo is so mean to me guys, stop viewing these articles so I can go back to being alone 🙁 Anyways, have fun playing retro ball and best of luck to be as good as me…. You won’t be I’m very sorry.