Staff Feature! Mr. Fridge!

P.E. Teacher


We’re back with Mr. Fridge, one of the PE teachers at the school.

How long have you been teaching?

“26 years + 5 years coaching college lacrosse at Whittier College”

What would be a job you’d like to do if you weren’t a staff member in education?

“Police or fireman”

How is the school system you teach or work in now similar or different from when you were a student?

“We do a better job teaching and also recognizing students that need help learning”

If you are a teacher, is the subject you teach your favorite subject?
“Yes! I love the outdoors and being active, so P.E./Health fits with that”
If you’re a teacher, did you enjoy the subject you teach right now when you were a kid?
“Yes! My dad was a teacher and principal, so he would get me to come in and help kids read, and also coach them in all team sports.”
I thought it was pretty interesting that Mr. Fridge’s father was a teacher and principal, that’s really cool. Drop down in the comments who you want to see next!