Why Banning Abortions Could Be Dangerous


Abortion is one of the most controversial topics in America, no matter what your opinion. I think we can all agree it’s a pretty hot topic for anybody to cover, no matter how they come about it. 

But why? What is the reason to keep fighting for it? Why can’t people just ease up a little bit? Well, I’m here to tell you why we keep fighting for abortion and why we can’t just “ease up a bit” and chill, because this stems all the way back to June 8th, 1964. 

A woman was found dead in an alleyway – cause of death? An at-home abortion that wouldn’t have ever happened if the procedure wasn’t illegal. She wasn’t the only one. 22,800 women a year die of unsafe and at-home abortions, and that’s only one example as to why this ban is dangerous.

What are other reasons women might seek an abortion?

Women could need an abortion for multiple reasons. They may not be able to financially support a child, they don’t have the mental strength to go through pregnancy, or it was never their decision to get pregnant. These are all very valid and understandable reasons, so it makes sense as to why they’re against these laws of banning abortion. Multiple people say that abortion is evil or that they can just set the infant up for adoption once born, but it is never that easy or that simple. The mental torture that some women could face giving birth after assault is unbearable, and the adoption system is a long process of searching and signing until you can find a system or couple you trust. It could take ages and it can be mentally exhausting and scarring to go through, furthering the woman’s previous trauma. When we fight for our rights it’s for our safety and justice. When faced with a change to our rights and justice, history has taught us to stand up and fight against it. When you see a problem and wanna stand by others to help solve it you’re more than likely to do so, and that’s exactly what I’m doing. Why I advocate for abortion to be legal is because I want to be pro-choice and help women uplift our rights, safety, and choice. This is only my opinion and you’re of course entitled to your own, but if we are to discuss this or share our opinions in the comments please be civil and respectful towards one another. 

Thank you for reading this article and taking the time to listen to me vocalize my opinion and my reasoning for it. I hope you took this as respectfully as you could and didn’t face any offense from it. If you liked this article I suggest you look for other articles from different content creators on the Bulldog Brief! We always love your company and feedback.