Whats the Deal with Tardy Sweeps?

Recently, our school has introduced a new tardy policy: tardy sweeps. Teachers are recommended to lock doors after the bell rings, and any kid caught outside, even a little bit late, is swept and questioned about why they are late. If students cannot provide a just reason, they will be given lunch detention. Some students have protested against these sweeps, and some have been in favor of them. But what does Mr. Morrison have to say about it? What is the deal with tardy sweeps? 

We are trying to create a place, by culture, where we are focused on learning…

— Mr. Morrison

First, let’s start off with what students are saying about the sweeps. Many have said these are too harsh a punishment for being only a little bit late to class. Some students have cited not being able to make it to their classrooms on time with hallway overcrowding, see the article on overcrowding by Abigail and Kejsi, and having classrooms far apart without enough time to go to the bathroom. But, in an interview with Mr. Morrison, he states, “5 minutes is more than enough time to travel, even with big groups in the hallways, from one class to another.” However, in a quote from student Sophia Suciu, she says, “I hit my period and only realized during passing period today and by the time I was finished cleaning up in the bathroom, I walked out and the bell rang. When I went to my PE advisory the door was locked and I ended up getting a tardy and had to wait out the rest of advisory in the bathrooms.” 

Other students think the sweeps are helpful and are something the school really needed to do to get back on the right track with tardies, even if they think they are not perfect. Student Abigail Fitzpatrick says, “I think the tardy sweeps are beneficial to our school and helping kids get on time, but I wish teachers were not as strict about it because sometimes it feels stupid.” Even students that agree tardy sweeps are needed are critical of them. Among students, the issue is very divided, with people having different experiences and feelings about the sweeps.


No matter what kids think about the sweeps, the real question is are they working? It seems like policies this severe about tardies would prevent kids from being late. In an interview, Mr. Morrison states both that “Yes, we have data that shows it(there was a problem with kids being late)”, and “We have seen a decrease in the number of kids being tardy.” We can see that despite the student opinions one direction or another, tardy sweeps are helping students get to class and stay there. 


So, overall, the sweeps have caused some stirring among students, with differing opinions on the matter. But, if you hurry through the hallways and go to the bathroom during passing periods where you have time or during free class time, you should be fine and safe from being swept. 

Do you agree with the new tardy system?


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