Overcrowded, Overpopulated, Over it

Bumper cars in the hallway

As some of us know, overcrowding is a problem in our school: the shoving, the yelling, the claustrophobia, all of it. This is something that can cause problems. Especially with the tardy sweeps, it can make it difficult for students to get to class on time. Many students say that it’s hard for them to get to class on time and it’s hard to pass by the big groups of people that form. To understand more about this issue, we interviewed Principal Scott Morrison about overcrowding.

What can students do to make it less overcrowded? 

“One thing students could do, I don’t know if they would, is to keep moving around the halls in a circle. And what’s interesting about middle schoolers, and kids in general, is people want to be together, and this is especially true with kids who are 12-14 years old, they want to be next to each other, and we get that, and that’s awesome, but it does cause problems when you are trying to get around this group of people. But, since we have gone to one-way hallways, it has actually gotten better. And you guys don’t know that because you have never known it the other way, but it has gotten better, I have to tell you”.

Do you think overcrowding is a big problem here?

“Yes I think it’s a problem but there’s not much we can do. I think that it is a problem but it’s more of something that students can do to make it better”.

Have the adminstrators thought of ways to stop overcrowding?

“Yeah but the only way we could do that, I think, is for people to build more buildings but that does cost lots of money.”

“Perhaps there could be a teacher in the outside passing areas to move traffic along”

— Anonymous

Are there ways that students can help to make it better?

“I mean students aren’t likely to report when they see that it’s a big problem so those things are gonna continue to happen and when we do ask people they don’t tell us or say that it’s a big problem.”

Do you know how much overcrowding affects the students?

“I think so, too many people in a too-small place creates tensions and tight spaces.” I think so too, for my experience with overcrowding it does create lots of tension.

“I feel like it’s very crowded and people don’t even try to not block the way, so I have to push through. I don’t feel that affected by it though.”

— Sanvi

Are there already punishments in place, and if not what do you think some punishments could be?

“I think what we need to do is figure out a way for students to travel.” 

Even if overcrowding doesn’t affect you, It can affect other people. Being mindful of other students and staff traveling throughout the school can make the hallways calmer. If we all work on this together, we can make it a great environment for us and the people around us.