“One Two Baby! One Two!”

Bahrain GP



Left: Mattia Binotto Right: Lewis Hamilton Left Center: Carlos Sainz Right Center: Charles Leclerc

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If I had told you that both of the Ferraris would place first and second in the first race of the season, would you have believed me? The truth is, I would not have believed myself! I would have thought I was lying straight to your face. Well, it is true – Charles Lecler and Carlos Sainz got 1st and 2nd place, and that’s not even the most interesting part of the race. 


Recently, there have been many, many changes to the team. For starters, Haas got a new team member. Nikita Mazepin was sacked and replaced by Kevin Magnussen. Nikita Mazepin was sacked due to him being a Russian. His father was an oligarch who was a rich man who had political influence. He met with Putin a day before the invasion of Ukraine. He then went on to say how we need to keep politics out of sports. Kevin Magnussen went from a dude sitting on the couch a week earlier to a man racing alongside Mick Schumacher the son of Micheal Schumacher. Another change is the Alfa Romeo driver not only did an astounding job but they got Bottas and Zhou on their team. This is a huge setup from Kimi Räikkönen who thought that he drove better after drinking. Also Since Bottas moved teams they needed a new teammate so they added George Russell.


The beginning of the race was full of surprises. Imagine the scene with your best commentator voice!


Charles Leclerc gets ahead of Max Verstappen. Hamilton tries to get ahead of Pérez but fails which almost leads to Kevin Magnessin getting ahead of him! There is a small crash in which Ocon bumped someone’s tire leaving him with a 5-second penalty! 


Lap 3: Kevin Magnussen goes into the turn and his wheels lock up which almost leads to him being passed by Pérez!


Turn 4: Pérez tries to pass again. Magnussen takes the inside but Pérez takes the turn wide having to go the long way. 


Exit of Turn 4: Magnessin takes the inside, then goes wide leaving a gap for Pérez who passes on the inside! Perez gains speed going down the hill moving into 5th place! 


Lap 10:  Pérez tries to pass Hamilton who has DRS enabled. Perez passed successfully, to begin with, but almost lost position to Hamilton. Pérez is in 4th place! 


Lap 17: Max Verstappen tries to get in front of Leclerc. Max takes the inside, throwing up sparks and passing Leclerc, but Leclerc was having none of it and took position right back. 


Lap 18: is much the same! Verstappen surges ahead on Turn 3 but Leclerc gets it right back on Turn 4. 


Lap 19: Leclerc’s brakes lock up and Verstappen takes the inside but his brakes also lock up so he goes wide and Leclerc takes the inside and gains first again! The race is uneventful until…


Lap 46: Pierre Gasly’s car crashes and catches on fire! This led to a virtual safety car that ended on Lap 50. *Gasly races for a secondary Red Bull team who have the same engines; this will be important to know later on.* As the safety car ended, Verstappen tried to pull some funny business by acting the same way he did last year on Hamilton! Leclerc was having none of it and just zoomed off without him. 


Lap 54: Over coms, Verstappen has an interesting conversation saying there was a problem going on with the battery. Carlos Sainz passes him! Verstappen’s team says there isn’t much they can do because the problem is not battery-related. Verstappen is now passed by Pérez and Hamilton! Max Verstappen drops out of the race.


Lap 57: In the final lap of the race, Hamilton is trying to get ahead of Pérez to get 3rd place. Heading into sector one, he is having problems! He spins out! Hamilton takes 3rd place and the yellow flag is raised. Pérez´s car shut off, dropping him out of the race! That leaves three Red Bull cars retiring their car from the race. Both of the Ferraris place first and second, and in celebration, Leclerc yells, ¨One Two Baby, One Two!¨ 


In conclusion, Charles Leclerc get first place, Carlos Sainz got 2nd and Lewis Hamilton got 3rd. Three of four Red Bull cars did not finish the race. The constructor goes to Mattia Binotto of Ferrari.