Cats Vs. Dogs – The superior species


Cats and dogs have been compared to each other for as long as they have been household pets. Both of them have their pros and cons, but most people choose one side, and stick to it. However, this article may sway your opinion depending on your personality. People who are more calm and sedentary tend to like cats more than dogs, and people who are more active & eccentric prefer dogs over cats.

The numbers 

Let’s lay down some of the facts about cats and dogs before we get into some pros and cons. One thing to note is that based on US surveys, 38.4% of American households own dogs, around 48 million, while only 25.4%  own cats, around 32 million. Every household that owns dogs have 1.6 on average, and for every household that owns cats, they have 1.8 on average. This translates to 58,385,725 cats and 76,811,305 dogs that are in the United States. 

Pros & Cons


Pros: Toys are normally cheap and easy to use for cats, they don’t need much attention, some examples are laser pointers, yarn balls, etc. They will kill birds and rodents and bring them back to their owner. Cats are cool and dangerous.

Cons: Cats scratch, and even sometimes bite. Most of the time they are very lazy, however, they can be energetic occasionally. At night time they can run around at high speed, mostly in their early years. They can also have expensive veterinary bills.



Pros: Dogs are much more energetic than cats, and play with their owner significantly more. Dogs can sleep a lot, depending on the breed.

Cons: Dogs cost alot more; some breeds have reputations for being more prone to certain parts of their body failing out on them earlier in their life than others. For example, Golden Retrievers have bad knees, and Dalmations are more prone to deafness than any other breed of dog. 

How to decide?


Cats could be more your style. Some people don’t have time to care for a dog. Cats are more independent and care for themselves. Usually dogs need all of your attention, especially when they’re young. If you get an outside cat, they can hunt for food, take themselves on a walk, and hopefully get back home. With dogs, you need to assist them with most things. A lot of people have jobs, so they’re busy. Sometimes less is more.


Some people like that energy a dog bring to the table. Although dogs do take a lot to handle and are more expensive, some people are willying to do that. Dogs offer a friendship. They will love you unconditionally for the rest of their lives. Most cats tend to be pretty independent and/or anti-social. But dogs are very much people persons. They can also be good fo your mental health. Dogs are very energetic and happy. Being around positiv energy might make you more positive.