How Vaping affects the Youth of BTMS

Gunnar Vapes?!?! Find Out in this Article (hes holding a Crayola marker)


How It Started 


Vaping is a very serious global issue, and many people die from it each year. Worldwide, addiction is very serious but we will be talking about how it affects BTMS. This issue has been in the administration’s eyes for a while, but how did it all start? The issue began when people began to avoid bathrooms because of vaping. Initially, it was an easy fix for many students to just use the other bathroom, but it started happening at school events as well. It got to the point where players had to go across the school during a game to use the bathroom. This can be a huge problem if students have to waste their playing time, because of vaping. Also, at school lunch, many people need to use the bathroom, and since there is only one bathroom in the cafeteria, it causes a major issue if students can’t go to the bathroom at lunch because of the vaping issue. 


The effects of vaping


Now that you know how vaping affects our school, let’s talk about how it affects students in a major way. Vaping at a young age can affect your body in extremely negative ways. For example, vaping can cause lung issues, including lung inflammation, and permanent scarring in major airways which makes it harder to breathe. Vaping has also proven to affect your attention and learning. Lastly, vaping can increase the risk of having a heart attack


Why Are People Doing It? 


If vaping affects your body in such a negative way then why do so many people do it? There can be many reasons why people vape, but as a student, I think some students may walk into a room while someone’s vaping, and think they have to do it, or else people will think they’re lame and boring. Although it is tempting, remember how it can affect your body, and how it’s just better to not do it in case of addiction, and permanent body damage. Although this isn’t the main reason, this is the most common way I’ve seen addiction start among many students 


How Vaping Affects The Environment Worldwide


Vaping can impact the environment by spreading toxins and other harmful metals, another of these ways can be through littering. When Juuls or other vaping products are thrown into the environment it could pollute it, and it’ll stay unless someone picks it up because they aren’t very biodegradable. This means they cannot be recycled easily. The more vapes thrown away, the more it will affect our environment. 


 How Students Get Their Hands On Vaping 


If vaping is so common, how do kids even get them? Well, we talked to a few students (who would like to remain anonymous) about how they simply got their vapes. Most of them said that they were influenced by friends, and family. Depending on who you hang out with, others can have a huge influence on others. Also, some other students said that they get their vapes from older siblings. Although, it’s hard to avoid friends, and family. It’s best to avoid this topic when being around others. Even if you feel pressured, remember it’s always okay to say no.


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