Why Students Should Be Able to Use Phones At Lunch


Have you ever been at lunch, and casually checked your phone for a couple minutes, and later gotten it taken away? This has happened to many students, and it leaves most of them perplexed why they can’t have them out, especially if it isn’t a learning time. 

Why it is a good idea

Phones at lunch doesn’t sound like it would benefit students but it does. In high school, students are allowed to use their phones at lunch, so being able to use them now might prepare students about how to appropriately use them when they get to ninth grade. It also lets students socialize more, except online, giving them an actual break from school. 

Why are teachers second guessing it

Although it seems like a great idea, there are reasons why teachers are on the fence about it. Phones at lunch can cause lots of drama: students might bully kids online by taking photos or videos of them. Phones at lunch also might distract students from eating or socializing, and this is supposed to be a break for students, not a time to stare at another screen all day. While these are valid arguments, the reality is most adults and students have to learn how to manage screen time independently. 


I interviewed two teachers and two students to get their take on cell phone use at lunch.

“It would be  a good idea with some rules and expectations about what is good and appropriate. The rules should be mainly around taking photos and posting them on social media. There should be a policy but it could work with the appropriate guidelines. Kids are also allowed to use phones in high school and it would be best if we prepare them on how to use them appropriately in middle school first.” -Mr. Gay

“I don’t know, I’m kinda on the fence about it. If I was a student, I would want to use it. But it could lead to more drama in the afternoon, especially around posting.” -Mrs. Giroux 

“I think it’s okay if it’s not bothering others.”- anonymous student 

“We undertsand that taking pictures and posting them can become a really big problem, but it already happens. If we don’t have to hide our phones it wuld be easier for teachers to monitor when people are taking pictures and such.” -Mehak

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