My all time La Liga start 11 (4-3-3)


Jonah Sutcliffe, Photographer/communications

The La Liga has seen some of the best players ever. Please let me know what you would change in this list, just remember how hard you would have to think about this yourself.


Starting at the coach, the person that brings it all together, I would like Pep Guardiola. He has been absolutely dominant for a number of different teams, therefore making him the best La Liga coach in my opinion


At my goalkeeping position, I would say that the best goalkeeper in the La Liga ever is Iker Casillas. There are a lot of arguments against the Barcelona goalie Andoni Zubizarreta, since he lead the league in appearances and clean sheets, but that is predominantly because of how good Barcelona’s defense was at the time. I think, talent wise, Iker Casillas is the best La Liga goalkeeper ever.


Moving onto my back 4, I want Marcelo, this may seem crazy, but he, in my opinion, would fit better in this defense than even Roberto Carlos. As my two center backs, I think that Sergio Ramos and Carles Puyol would be the two best defenders in La Liga history. If they wouldn’t have already won the game with their sheer amount of intensity and intimidation, they would win it with their physicality and leadership. As my right back, I think that Dani Alves would be the best fit for this defense. Being able to play the wing and the counter attacks would be very useful in this type of superteam that I am building.


Just ahead of one of the best defenses I’ve ever seen, I would like Luka Modric in the very middle of the field. He has a great passing capability, great sight, and would fit perfectly with Andres Iniesta. Iniesta has been one of the best midfielders of all time, and whenever he would play with Messi in Barcelona. Speaking of the best of the best Barcelona midfielders, I want Xavi as my right center midfielder; he would be a perfect fit for this team, and would be great to watch with Iniesta and Modric on the same team.


Moving to my left and right winger, it shouldn’t be a debate. I want Cristiano Ronaldo on my left wing and Lionel Messi on my right wing. They shouldn’t be compared as well, they are different players, so for everyone arguing, stop talking.


Now, as my center forward, the main goal scorer on this team, I want Raul. His explosiveness and constant aggression would work perfectly with the tiki-taka type of playstyle that would go on in this team.


Let me know what you would change and tell me if I did anything wrong!