Top 5 Water Brands

Charli drew this

Charli Gilchrist

Charli drew this

Hey guys. These are the top 5 best water brands ever to be made. Like. Ever. 


  1. Kirkland Signature

I enjoy Kirkland Signature as my most favorite and enjoyable purchased water. The refreshing, cold, smooth taste transforms me into my best self. 


      2. Smart Water

Smart Water is a really good brand of purchased water. It makes me magical.


      3. Fiji

Fiji is a really good water brand, but it’s pretty expensive. Fiji makes me levitate


      4. Dasani

Dasani is a good water brand, but I only get Dasani at sports games. Dasani makes my eyes turn purple.


      5. Aquafina 

Aquafina is a decent water brand but, just like Dasani, I only really get Aquafina at sports games. It tastes like sewer.