Antisemitism in the Past and Present

Four featured Jewish Artists


Antisemitism, or hostility towards Jewish people, has been a problem for a long time. Different religions have contributed towards this, and it’s led to a lot of terrible things happening – whether it’s seemingly innocent comments or the slaughter of millions. A lot of people think that it isn’t really a problem anymore, but it still is.


Hate for Jewish people has been around for a long time. One of the earlier examples was accusations being spread that they killed Jesus. This, of course, is false. Rumors were also spread to damage their reputation. Some of these rumors included that they started the Black Plague, and were in cults doing inhumane acts. This is ridiculously hateful and cruel, as it was essentially just people ruining the lives of others for disagreeing with them. This legacy of hate continued to get worse and worse. An example of this would be the Holocaust, under Hitler’s rule in WWII. Millions of people were targeted and killed for what they believed, and how they appeared. People in Germany during that time were subject to terrible living conditions, and many egregious acts were committed against them.

I don’t understand who people in their right mind can blame an entire religion for social problems

— Anonymous

Now, things are not nearly as bad. People are becoming significantly more aware of the issues and problems they bring now. There are now large organizations helping with this, and a day devoted to Holocaust Remembrance. Teachers at Brier Terrace and other schools are also teaching about this, and recognizing holocaust survivors. It is important to recognize the hate that Jewish people have received, and put a stop to it.