Staff Feature Mrs.Morales

Staff Feature Mrs.Morales

Today we are doing our second interview with teachers. Today our guest is Mrs. Morales.

How long have you been teaching or working in the school system?

Mrs. Morales – This is my 21st year!

Oh my gawd how do some people survive teaching kids for that long…


What made you want to be a teacher, administrator, counselor, para, nurse, or other staff?

Mrs.Morales –I didn’t actually want to at first! I worked in a preschool while I was going to college and got my degree in Business Administration. Once I graduated, I decided to go into teaching and I love it!

I wonder what’s worse, teaching a bunch of 7th/8th graders or teaching a bunch of preschoolers?


What has kept you going in education?


Mrs. Morales – The kids – hard stop! The connections with students and engaging in curiosity with them is the best!


That’s probably the most sweetest response I’ve ever seen from a teacher.


What is your favorite thing about teaching or working in the school system?


Mrs. Morales- Again, the kids! I think 8th graders have such a keen sense of insight and are able to process the world around them well when given the opportunity.


Okay, we’ve got a competition on Mrs.Morales’s sweetest response. Let’s see where this is gonna go.


What would be a job you’d like to do if you weren’t a staff member in education?


Mrs. Morales- A professional organizer! I love organizing things…the order brings me a sense of calm!


That answers why your classroom always looks so clean.


How is the school system you teach or work in now similar or different from when you were a student?


Mrs. Morales- A lot is very similar and I’m actively working to change that! I think the education system could be much more innovative and responsive to who students are today.


I kinda agree with Mrs.Morales on this one our school system definitely can be a lot better


If you are a teacher, is the subject you teach your favorite subject?


Mrs. Morales-I teach English, Social Studies, and Journalism. I love all these subject – but I do have a specific passion for teaching Social Studies. My experience in Social Studies was pretty boring until my sophmore year of high school when I got an engaging teacher. I try to emulate that with my students!


Man how people handle teaching that many subjects jeez.


If you’re a teacher, did you enjoy the subject you teach right now when you were a kid?


Mrs. Morales-English, yes. Social Studies – definitely not until high school and that was only one class that I enjoyed. 


I’m sure you’ll find a lot of people that think the same Mrs.Morales


What do you like to do outside of school?


Mrs. Morales- I like to hike, be with my “core four” which is what I call my husband and kids, and travel. I didn’t get to travel until I was an older adult, and I’m hooked!


Talking from my personal experience hiking can be really fun sometimes


Any fun facts or talents that students might think is fun, cool, or intersting?!

Mrs. Morales-My husband used to DJ hip hop and still has his old school turntables! I’m pretty boring but I’m a very curious person and love trying to problem solve any challenges that come my way!


And that was our fun interview with Mrs.Morales. Let us know what teacher you want us to interview next and have a great rest of your day.