Nic Stone Book Review!


Hey everyone, Suelo here. Today I am going to be talking about an amazing author and her books: Nic Stone! Let’s get started, shall we?


First of all, my favorite book by Nic Stone is called Dear Martin. Dear Martin is the first part of a two-book series. What I love about Dear Martin is the storyline. It has a great plot twist towards the end. 


Dear Justyce is the next book after Dear Martin. Dear Justyce is a lot deeper and more intense compared to Dear Martin. I really enjoy the way Nic Stone set up Dear Justyce. There are many different styles of writing and storytelling in Dear Justyce (but Dear Martin will always be my favorite.)


Nic Stone has created many African-American empowerment true stories and novels. Dear Martin and Dear Justyce are both based on true stories. Another book I enjoy by Nic Stone is called The Odd One Out. The Odd One Out is yet another one of Nice Stone’s African-American empowerment novels. 


Next time you are in a library, or even just shopping online, I HIGHLY suggest you at least consider purchasing or checking out a book written by Nic Stone. I believe the BTMS library has at LEAST one Nic Stone book.