Why Latifi always got to Mess Things Up?!

Saudi Arabian GP



Max Verstappen Celebrating

Lap 1- Perz gets a great start pulling ahead of Leclerc. Max gets stuck on the inside leaving Perz 1st, Leclerc 2nd, and Max 3rd. On turn 8 of this lap, K. Mag pulls ahead of Pierre Gasly. 


Lap 5-Fernando Alonso goes for the pass on his teammate and almost ends up in the wall.


Lap 7-Fernando Alonso goes for the pass again. He fakes towards the inside and then goes wide and passes Ocon. Going into the turn Ocon tries to pass again but fails as Alonso speeds ahead.


Lap 15- Leclerc calls “box box” which means that he wants to pit. Perz trying to take the chance to pit and not lose position because Leclerc also pitting pits. Leclerc decides not to pit so he could get in the first place. Perz pits and Leclerc takes the lead forcing Perz to pit earlier than he would have wanted to.


On lap 16-On lap 16 Nicolas Latifi crashed into the wall again. This made there be a yellow flag and a safety car. Due to the safety car, there will be no passing other cars. This is terrible Perz since he can not make his way back to the front. 


Lap 17-Carlos Sainz was coming out of the pits when Perz cut him off and so Sainz complained about it and got the incident reviewed.


Lap 21-On lap 20 the safety car is removed and Leclerc flies down the straight. George Russel makes a move on the inside passing K.Mag. Perz is forced to give the third place back to Sainz because he cut him off.


Lap 36 and 37-Fernando Alonso’s car began to overheat. Bottas retired his car from the race. Danny Ricardo’s car stopped in the middle of the track. 


Lap 42- Max Verstappen overtakes Charles Leclerc. Leclerc in the DRS zones passes Max.


Lap 43– Max tries to pass in the DRS zone and is about to take the lead wheels lock up and Charles pulls ahead.


Lap 46- Max Verstappen learned the word patience and decided to use it. He takes the lead passing Leclerc in the DRS zone.


Lap 50- Max stays ahead and wins.


Max gets 1st place, Leclerc gets 2nd, and Sainz gets 3rd.