57 Laps – One Set of Tires!

Australian GP


Left-Pérez Middle-Leclerc Right- Russell



In Q1 Lance Stroll was going up against Latifi he gets ahead of him. Latifi then goes up and tries to get the position back. He is trying to pass on the right-hand side when Lance Stroll goes right and hits Latifi’s left back wheel with his right front this causes Latifi to spin out. I am Mentioning this because it has happened before with Stroll coming into someone like that. Somebody made a video where it switchs from those to scence and I have linked the collisions above



Lap 1-Leclerc gets ahead. Lewis gets ahead of Pérez. Esteban Ocon tries to make a move on Danny Ricciardo. Carlos Sainz in 13th. Bottas passes Tsunoda. Sainz in 12th. Then drops to 14th.


Lap 2- Sainz passes Mick and can’t keep control of the car. He goes on the grass when come off the grass he slips on the tarmac and slides into the gravel. He is out of this race.


Lap 11-Vettel goes off into the gravel but recovers and keeps racing. 


Lap 17-K. Mag goes in deep and goes on the grass. He recovers and keeps going


Lap 22- Danny Ricciardo comes out of the pits and almost gets hit by Albon. They go 3 wide all trying to get ahead. Stroll gets pinched off going into the corner. Ricciardo takes the inside, Albon on the outside going into the corner. Albon loses out to Stroll. Ricciardo in 10th, Stroll in 11th, and Albon in 12th.


Lap 23-Pérez trying to pass Lewis on the outside and he does going into the chicane. 


Lap 24-The safety car is out because on turn 4 Vettel spins out and hits a wall.


Lap 27- Max and Leclerc fighting for first going into the corner. Max is unable to get ahead.


Lap 36-Pérez very easily passes Russell on the outside.


Lap 39-Max pulled off to the side because he smelled something weird with the car. He is out of the race


Lap 42-Stroll forced Bottas off the track.


Lap 55-Gasily goes off the track and Bottas passes him.


Lap 57- On lap 57 Alex Albon pit. This was the first time he has pit all race which is very impressive that he went 57 laps on one set of tires.

Leclerc gets first, Pérez gets second, Russel gets third.