What Type of Social Studies to Students Enjoy?


With different teachers, there obvioulsy comes different curricula and ways of teaching. However, social studies is one of those subjects which there are multiple angles to teach from. There are rules and requirements about curriculum, but ultimately some wiggle room. So, what kind of social studies do kids like to learn about? Do they like to see the historical side of things, or learn about current events? 


The Types of Social Studies

From what I have experienced or found, there are two different ways to teach social studies and a mix. There is the more historical approach, where you teach straight facts just about history, maybe including the nuance of historical issues in the past. The second way is the current events way, or the “social” approach to social studies, where current events are the focus, and current topics are brought up in class.

But I’m not here to give info- I am here to gather opinions. 


The Debate

I interviewed students in our classes, and some of them were in support of a historical-based point of view. In a quote from student Lucas Barquin, “It is important to learn about our history, including the bad parts of our history. That way, we can learn from them.” A lot of people seemed to share this sentiment, and others shared opinions that knowing historical facts is the point of the class, and is helpful in understanding much of our current events and our own system of the world and our country today.

However, there was a lot more support for the socially aimed side of Social Studies, with students saying they enjoyed seeing their own communities’ issues and the current issues of the world reflected in their studies. In a quote from an anonymous student, “It involves kids in the current conversations. If we find out the facts about and learn about things actually going on in our society, it can help develop us into adults ready for the world.”


My Opinion

While I agree with everyone who gave me statements, I think the ultimate way to learn Social Studies is from both points of view. A historical fact-based study is really important to understand things like our government, social systems of today, and how the world works and gives a basis of understanding for all factors of everyday life right now. This can also help back up a Social Justice based point of view. It can give the historical backing for social movements like BLM, or the LGBTQ+ rights movement. It can also give the backing to current events in politics, like the election or back in 2021, with Trump’s impeachment.

However, it is also important to learn about the events of today, because it gives students a good understanding of what is going on in our current political and social climate. It can give them the info they need to form their own opinions on hot topics, and provides a space that is safe for students to think for themselves. It can also prepare them for their future as an adult in our society.


The ultimate thing I’m trying to say is that Social Studies isn’t just one-dimensional. There are a lot of different things to learn and isn’t as straightforward as science or math. It is complicated, and it serves a big purpose in preparing our future generations for being safe and ready for the real social and political climate of the world.

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