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What is PreCure, and why should you watch it?

What is PreCure, and why should you watch it?


Mahoushoujo/Magical Girl anime has been popularized by animes such as Sailor Moon, Madoka Magica, Tokyo Mew Mew, and many others. But an often overlooked anime has yet to be brought into the spotlight. The show in Sailor Moon’s shadow, the anime reaching its 20th anniversary, PreCure (aka Pretty Cure) deserves way more appreciation, and I feel that it’s my job to bring this franchise into a wider scale of popularity.

If you are not interested in anime, I recommend exiting this article.

What exactly is “PreCure?”

If you have ever gone on to Netflix and watched the show known as “Glitter Force”, then you have already seen PreCure before. Glitter Force is an Americanized dub of Smile Pretty Cure!, the ninth season of PreCure. The dub, however, takes out multiple episodes from the original, changes nearly every character’s name, and even establishes from the first episode that the dub is set in America rather than Japan, where the original show took place. This dub has angered many PreCure fans around the world, and eventually Glitter Force’s trademark was removed, and is now just barely staying on Netflix.

PreCure is a magical girl anime series that has been running in Japan since 2004. It is currently one of the highest grossing animes in Japan and is extremely popular among people of all ages and genders, especially among Japanese elementary/middle schoolers. The most popular movie, Pretty Cure the Movie: All Stars F, had a total of more than 1.08M viewers, with people coming from all over the world to watch the movie in Japan. Ever since the first season, Futari wa Pretty Cure, began, more and more Japanese voice actors began auditioning so they could become the next person to voice a main protagonist, a villain, or even a side character with a single appearance. Basically, this show is very popular in Japan, and it is still unknown why it isn’t nearly as popular in the US.

How many installments are in the franchise?

Since 2004, a new installment, or season, has been released every year, with each season finishing around the end of January and starting around the beginning of February. For the first time this year, another season has begun during the airing of another season. The 20 main seasons are:

  • Futari wa PreCure
  • Futari wa PreCure: Max Heart
  • Futari wa PreCure: Splash Star
  • Yes! PreCure 5
  • Yes! PreCure 5 Gogo
  • Fresh PreCure!
  • Heartcatch PreCure!
  • Suite PreCure
  • Smile PreCure!
  • Dokidoki! PreCure
  • Happiness Charge PreCure!
  • Go! Princess PreCure
  • Mahou Tsukai PreCure
  • Kirakira PreCure a La Mode
  • Hagutto! PreCure
  • Star Twinkle PreCure
  • Healin Good PreCure (which coincidentally aired during the COVID-19 pandemic)
  • Tropical Rouge! PreCure
  • Delicious Party PreCure
  • Hirogaru Sky! PreCure

There is also one season directed towards older audiences called Kibou no Chikara: Otona PreCure ’23.

Which seasons are the best to start with?

The fortunate thing about most seasons of PreCure is that each one has unique storylines and characters, setting them apart from each other. This is with the exception of Futari wa PreCure: Max Heart and Yes! PreCure 5 Gogo, which are sequel seasons to their predecessors. So any season would be good to start with. Most fans usually start out with Smile Pretty Cure! due to its dub being on Netflix, while some fans start with whatever season they want to. A season that I highly recommend, however, is Star Twinkle PreCure, because it has an interesting storyline and fun characters.


Overall, PreCure is a really interesting and fun show, and I recommend it to any anime fans who want to watch an anime that’s a little less popular in the US. Let me know if you want to learn more about this show!

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Naomi H, Writer and Artist
Naomi is an 8th grade aspiring voice actor/artist who spends too much time watching TV. She loves indie animations and anime, and is somewhat bilingual as she is currently learning Japanese. She also loves The Amazing Digital Circus more than the average person.

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  • N

    Naomi Hansen ¦ Feb 21, 2024 at 11:31 am

    Unfortunately, it is, which is why many PreCure fans hate it. It’s sad that this is the only way many people are able to watch PreCure, but it is what it is. The only other way to watch PreCure would be to purchase a Crunchyroll subscription to watch “Futari wa PreCure” and some of the more recent seasons, or to just go onto third party sites, (which I don’t recommend. although I’ve used this method before when I was really desperate to watch a certain season).

    My point is, Glitter Force is a somewhat whitewashed edition of a PreCure season, and although this is really unfortunate, Netflix will be Netflix.

  • L

    Lily ¦ Feb 20, 2024 at 4:59 pm

    Isn’t glitter force a whitewashed version of precure?

  • D

    dragon ¦ Dec 16, 2023 at 3:36 am

    This anime isn’t just underrated and underappreciated in the U.S . Even in other asian countries (more specifically Southeast Asian countries), this anime was severely unrecognised. And this kind of infuriates me but… it is what it is.