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The Elementals Chapter 7

                                                                                        Chapter 7

                                                                  Dry land in the middle of the ocean 


The sun glimmers above the water. Ice King feels the heat covering his face and the sand across his back. He tries to open his eyes but is blinded by the sun like being blinded at birth. He turns his head to see that he is on a beach. He got up still weak from the dart. He must have gotten put back on shore. Where was Daruias though? They did something weird to him before he blacked out. Or maybe they put him on a separate beach.


He noticed footprints in the sand. They look old but he should still try to follow them. He follows the footprints and notices more footprints and an old campsite. Then he hears a faint talking. He follows the noise and finds two shell kingdom guards. He noticed the guards from the gate. They must be searching for us. He can hear them say ¨ hey do you think Ice King killed them?¨


¨No, he came here to go on a journey with her not kill her.¨ says the other guard.


Ice King steps out of the rocks and the guards spot him. They both hold their spears to his 


Chest.¨ well I guess we will find out what happened.¨ says one guard. They take him up a sand path which takes him to the shell kingdom. Ice King could easily break out of the rope around his wrists but he wanted to talk to the king. He walks through the kingdom and feels the gaze of the citizens. He noticed that the citizens were staring at his arm. He looked down at his arm and noticed his arm was still like the creature’s. he guessed that he had gotten used to it.


They stopped at the door and slowly opened it. What was inside was the king looking very stressed while examining a paper. He screams out loud ¨ this all you have? some guesses of where she is? CHECK THOSE PLACES AND COME BACK WITH RESULTS!¨ he looks at the door and sees Ice King. ¨you.¨


He pressed a button on his throne. And completely changed the throne room. It turned into a courtroom. His throne was higher above the ground and where he was standing was elevated.¨What is this? ¨ Ice King asked.


¨It is your trial, fiend¨ says the king.


Ice King rolls his eyes and says¨ I don’t have time for this.¨


¨SILENCE!¨ screams the King.


¨Why do you leave them to die?¨ says the king in a solemn voice.


¨What…What are you talking about? Replies Ice King.


¨You Don’t Know? Well…. Seventeen years ago my soon-to-be queen was pregnant. But there was a very deadly pandemic. Months passed and soon the pandemic faded away but there were two left. the queen, my mother better known as the water elemental Lily, and my wife. There was only one way to cure it and it was with elemental magic. My mother couldn’t do it so I sent a letter to you but you never came. My Mother died first then my wife gave birth and died right after. Exactly at midnight during the blue moon. They could be here right now if not for you. Now Marina is gone too. It’s all you… You…you took everything from me!¨ the king finishes and a tear runs down his face


¨I never got that letter.¨ says Ice King 


¨ LIAR!……..guards kill him¨ says  the King  


¨WAIT! She’s alive just listen to me.¨ Says Ice King    


¨Excuses.¨ says the king. Ice King looks at him with disappointment. The guards lunge at him but he freezes the rope and jumps, which leaves a bunch of Ice that freezes the guard. Arrows barely miss but he blocks the ones that do. He lands on the roof. He needs to jump but he still feels chained even though the rope is gone. It’s like he needs to stay because of what he learned. But he must go so he jumps in. 


When he hits the water his arm glows and turns him into the creature again. He swims away as fast as possible trying to follow the path they took soon he is far from the castle.


The king walks onto a balcony looking over the ocean. He looks up at the clouds and they are covering the sky like a blanket over your head, protecting you from what’s beyond your vision. Then he looks at the ocean, it’s relentless but then he looks back and says¨Men, get the gear from that metal town ’cause we are hunting that elementals down.¨ 



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