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Asian Characters In Media

Jubilation¨Jubilee¨ Lee.

From Marvel comics

Jubilee first appeared in Uncanny X-men # 244

(1989)  She was introduced as a mall rat That soon discovers

She has mutant genes which if you don’t know

gives them a Superpower. She was one of the main characters

of the X-Men cartoon show from 1992. Her last comic appearance

was in the Generation X vol. 2 #1-9, #85-87 (2017-2018).



Hiro Hamada

From Pixars ¨Big Hero 6¨

He appeared as the main character in Big Hero 6.

He participated in robot battles for cash

his brother saved but they get put in prison.

His brother takes him to his college where

he encourages him to participate in a tech

Competition. Hiro makes nanobots for the competition.

he wins but soon the building catches

fire and his brother runs in to help but the building

explodes and he dies but his death and his robot encourage

him to be a hero so he can find who stole his tech. he

appeared in the Big Hero 6 series but his last

appearance was in Baymax! (2022)




Samurai Jack

From Nickelodeon ¨Samurai Jack series¨


Samurai Jack is a series where a samurai named Jack gets sent through time fights to return home and save the world he combats a shapeshifting wizard known as Aku. The series aired back in 2001. lasting around 5 seasons.


In conclusion, this shows diversity over the years from more than movies even some comics.







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