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The Elementals Chapter 6

See what happened after the group wakes from the attack

Chapter 6

         The True Sea Kingdom   


They wake in a cage. Surrounded by a council of the creatures. but soon the loud chatter of all the creatures is silenced by a loud slam of a cane. The one who slammed the cane fixes his gaze at the group. But It looks like he is looking through them to look at Marina. Ice king stands up and screams ¨ Who are you creatures!¨


¨Why should we answer you?¨ says the Cane Creature ¨ you entered our waters!¨ he continued.


¨your waters? if they were your waters you should do a better job protecting them! ¨ says Ice King as he raises his hand. But nothing happens, he just stands there. ¨What’s happening?¨


The Cane Creature Answers ¨ Those darts we shot at you put a Special poison that blocks your magic.¨


¨ No wonder I couldn’t summon any weapons¨ says Daruias. The room instantly has questions.


¨why are you here?¨ says a pink creature.



¨Are you here to attack? ¨ says a dark blue creature



¨What’s your importance¨ says a purple creature. Soon the room was so loud that Ice King couldn’t even hear his breathing. He gazes at the Cane Creature and sees that he is enraged. He lifts his cane and smashes it to the ground and screams. ¨ Silence!¨


¨Why are you doing this? Says Marina deeply disheartened 


¨Cause you entered are waters without permission and have been destroying are waters, you should be executed for your actions.¨ says the Cane Creature. 


¨NO!…No don´t. They don’t deserve to be executed¨ it’s my fault!¨ yells Marina 


¨Marina stop¨ Daruias says.


¨I entered your waters and forced them to come. I am the one that disguised them with this magic…I… I don’t know how I did it but I did. Said Marina.


¨Marina stop this¨ says Daruias.


The Cane Creature’s eyes widened. The crowd murmured to themselves. all they could make out was is she the chosen one? She must be the lost princess.


The Cane Creature says, “Your charge of execution is gone. Marina squeals and hugs Daruias and Ice King. ¨but you must stay. He raises his finger at Marina.


¨WHAT NO!¨ screams Daruias.


The cage opens and Ice King and Daruias get pulled out. Marina tries to swim towards them but she is held back. She screams ¨ let go!, I  want them to stay.¨ A guard raises his hand and stabs Marina in the neck with a dart. Daruias watches as her strength leaves her body. Daruias stops struggling and just stares with wide eyes. He clenches his fists and screams. He breaks free summons a gauntlet and punches a guard in the face, he flips the other and kicks him away.


The Cane Creature laughs, you’re the first to break free from the poison so fast but it’s too late. ¨



He raises his cane and Daruias stops in place. Ice King watches the cane creature but soon he blacks out. Daruias watches and something covers his eyes. But he feels his body moving. But it’s not him controlling. It’s something else. Daruias feels it throughout his body. Daruias knows only one thing and that darkness is controlling.



See what the group does next in Chapter 7: Dry land in the middle of the ocean.


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