Venom: Let There Be Carnage Movie Review

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This movie is about Eddie and Venom fighting Cletus/Carnage, while Venom is being an abusive husband to Eddie. That would make him the wife in this metaphor. For more context watch the movie Venom (2018).

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Whilst I didn’t like the first part of this movie because it was just Venom and Eddie fighting like a toxic couple when they introduced characters their motives were pretty good and that made me like it more.

The second part of this movie was amazing, the visuals along with the fighting were perfect, although I wish it was more brutal and gory. Carnage made up for it with his bloodthirsty personality and his I-don’t-care-about-anything attitude. Venom, on the other hand, was watered down and more kid-friendly. He wouldn’t eat a couple of chickens because they were best friends. I was excited when I heard about the movie but when the PG-13 rating came out I was a bit disappointed.

I like the detail in this movie, especially when Cletus transforms into Carnage. His body fuses and fully transforms into Carnage, while Venom just covers Eddie’s body. This shows how much of a match they are. I thought it was ironic how in the end what caused Cletus to fail was the very reason he decided to break out of jail. Which was all for a girl.

After Cletus/Carnage was beaten, Venom straight up ate carnage. I expected a power-up or a roar after to show the victory. After he did nothing, I was a bit disappointed. It was made up straight away when Venom said… well let’s just say he said “screw this guy.” And bit off Cletus’s head.

I liked when they showed Venom having his feet in the sand while Eddie and Venom were on the run. Earlier in the movie Venom said “feeling the sand between my toes.” They didn’t just mention it once and do nothing after. And since I don’t wanna ruin the fun you should watch the movie and see the post-credits. 

It was a good movie all around, the only thing missing was the gore and the other violence you’d expect from a Venom movie. Otherwise, I recommend it 

Thanks for coming to my review! Careful that you don’t get your head bitten off by a giant monster, I hope you guys like my very good photo realistic drawing. Cya guys. – Yoel