Should, and Can we watch Netflix at Lunch?


Should, and Can we watch Netflix at Lunch?


Should we be able to watch Netflix on our school computers at school? There are many reasons why we should and should not be able to watch Netflix. We understand that students can watch inappropriate content but, there are also good benefits to watching Netflix at lunch. The school’s staff can monitor what we are watching at all times as well as exit and block sites. Netflix doesn’t only have bad content on it either, it has educational and kid-friendly shows and movies. Also, don’t you think that we should be able to watch something nice after a long day of thinking and working? Because we can’t use our phones so why not use our other resource, our Chromebooks!


The pros to being able to watch Netflix in Lunch:


It allows us to relax and watch what we want. The teachers can still look over what we are watching so we don’t have complete freedom. This also can help with research projects, like documentaries and such. This can help our brains calm down from the hours that we have been working. This also can help people make conversation with other people about their favorite movie/show or what they are currently watching. 


The cons of being able to watch Netflix in Lunch:


People can blast the sound of the show/movie in lunch, which can be distracting. People can get distracted by what the person next to them is watching which can affect their eating during lunch. While this might not be a big problem, it still is a con. People can log into other people’s accounts and get them in trouble, this isn’t a very big problem though, as most people are already logged in. 


Our opinions on this:


I personally think that we should be able to watch Netflix during lunch. I believe that it won’t cause much trouble and that we deserve to relax after a long day. Even though not everyone has lunch late in the day, it can still be good to take a break before the rest of the day. My friends and I watch a lot of the same shows and have the same type of interest in genres. We connect over this fact and talk about our favorite scenes in certain shows, which helps keep the conversation going. During lunch I believe nobody should be alone, it’s the one time of day where you can hang out with your friends and freely talk while eating. That’s probably why lunch is most students’ favorite “class”. The lunches happen in the afternoon range, which is around 11 am to 1 pm. There are three lunches in school, which means there are three opportunities to watch Netflix. Depending on the show, there is an average of 20-55 minutes in an episode. Some of the most popular shows teens watch, they average from 30-45 minutes long. This means students can watch half an episode during lunch, or they can finish one they already started. Now I can see how this can seem like a bad idea, I mean you’re letting a group of teens watch Netflix in Lunch, but you have to try and look at the positive side too.