Bulldog Banter Volume #2

Welcome back to another Volume of the Bulldog Banter!

Hey, Bulldogs! Welcome back to another volume of the Bulldog Banter, the advice article where you send in your problems and I try to give you some worthwhile advice. I’m your host, Zoe!  It seems like things have been getting a little spicy in the BTMS community, with lots of relationship and love problems. Remember, if you have something you need advice for, be sure to submit it in the Bulldog Banter survey, under the Bark At Us! tab. If you took the Student Survey, the Bulldog Banter survey could also be found in that area. 

How can you tell if you like someone? 

The most important thing in deciding if you actually have feelings for someone is deciding how they make you feel. A good partner, or crush, should make you feel happy to be around, you should be glad every time they walk in a room. They should give you butterflies when you think about them, and you should feel like you want to be around them all the time. Another good thing is if you could imagine yourself and them being in a relationship. That has been the biggest help for me personally in telling apart romantic and platonic feelings.

I just found out that one of my guy friends has a crush on me and it’s been awkward ever since. I still want to be friends but I don’t know what to do. 

Having someone you know and are good friends with have a crush on you is a big thing to handle, and yeah, things might be awkward for a while. This has happened to me before, and the most helpful thing for me was talking it out with the person. Now, I know that talking to the person can be the most embarrassing thing you can do right now, but it is important to discuss feelings and lay ground rules for you guys to still have a friendship

I like two people at the same time, and one is my friend so I already told them my other crush, before I liked them, but now I’m seeing all the signs that they like me but are hiding their feelings for me since they know I like someone else. They don’t know I like them, so I’m wondering what I should do. All my feelings are so mixed up.

Take some time to try and work out your own feelings before you decide how to deal with outside situations, and if you need help figuring out who you like see the first question I answered. If you end up deciding you have a crush on your friend, just talk to them. Again, communication is always key! Even if you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone, it is important that both of you have an understanding with each other. 

I asked a guy a few times as a joke and he said yes the last time I asked. I thought it was a fake relationship, but it turns out he actually likes me. What do I do? 

I hope everyone is starting to see a trend here, but communication is always key!!! My advice again is talk it out, and possibly give him a little bit of space to think about his feelings. From what I gather, he thought that you guys were in an a real relationship, and he might be dealing with feelings based on a breakup. I would also suggest to also not to do this and ask people out as a joke if there isn’t a common understanding that you are kidding. 

“Relationships are pretty cool”

— Halle Connell

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One of my best friends had a crush on me, and he told me but now he won’t talk to me because I don’t like him. What do I do? 

I want to start with first of all, don’t think it is your fault, so don’t feel bad that he isn’t talking to you. I think that telling him how you feel (again, communication is key!!!) and talking to him about why he doesn’t want to talk to you is a good start. Like the others, if you can find some common ground and boundaries around romantic relationships. 

How do I get better grades in math?

The key is doing your homework and studying. If you know the material well, then you will be able to answer questions with ease, and you won’t spend a long time being worried about not knowing how to do questions. Also, trying to get rid of any worries before tests is a good way to go. One more thing is to check all of your answers afterward, a super good way to make sure you don’t miss anything that could have been easily corrected.


That’s it! Another volume of the Bulldog Banter done. I hope that this helped someone out there, and remember to submit anything you need in the Bulldog Banter survey under the Bark At Us! tab. Stay tuned for Vol. 3 of the Bulldog Banter coming in the next couple of weeks!