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The Elementals: Chapter 4

After the fight at the graveyard Ice King continues forward and finds the Coral city the home of the Water Elemental
The Elementals: Chapter 4

                                                                                                 Chapter 4

                                                                                       Gone without knowing 


 Ice King walks along the path. It’s getting sunnier by the minute, not used to that he thought. He looks up to see some guards by a gate surrounded by walls. This is where the shell kingdom was but now it’s walled up. “That’s strange,” he said. He walked up to the guards and they tensed up and aimed their spears at him” Halt” both guards yelled 


“Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey calm down am a friend of Queen Lazuli,” says The Ice king 


One of the guards laughs and says” This hustler is so out of touch with our culture he’s talking about our dead queen”.


“Dead?” says The Ice King. The word dead echoed in his head. He was informed that some of the elementals of his generation had died like chase the lightning elemental. But his best friend? He looks up and asks “How long ago was her death?


“About seventeen years ago,” said the guard who hasn’t spoken yet 


“Seven……teen?” says Ice king


The guard that talked first said, “Stop acting shocked so we would let you in you…”


“STOP you need to calm down” the other guard interrupts. “We will ask the princess guard for his opinion,” he continued. 


“WHAT WE CAN’T DO THAT,” says the rude guard 


“Too late,” says the nice guard with a smirk


“What do you want? Says a man on the gate 


¨General Daruias, We have a vistor¨says the guards. They move out of the way to reveal ice king


¨you, what are you doing here” says Daruias 


“I am here to get the water elemental  so we can stop the shadows of distant lands¨ says Ice King 


¨ hmmmm no¨ says daruias 


¨Excuse me! What’s going on here¨ says a girl’s voice behind Darius 


Daruias says ¨äm just shooing away this man¨ Daruias turns to show ice king to the girl 


“It’s YOU” She runs at ice king hugs him and continues saying” My name is Marina nice to meet you, want to come into town?”



“What NO you can not,” says Daruias 


“PLEASE!!!!!” says marina 


“Ugh, you know what fine! Come on” says Daruias containing his anger 


“YES!” screams marina 


“ um I don’t know if I should come,” says Ice King still thinking about Lazuli 


“COME ON,” says Marina while pulling Ice King through the gates 


The Guards look at them walking away and the rude guard says “She is so weird” The nice guard slaps him in disappointment 


They walk through the kingdom and Ice King says as he gazes into the water of a fountain “it is very different than the last time I was here”


“When was the last time you were here?” says Daruias 


“Excuse me!? Says Marina as she uses fountain water to splash Daruias in the face 


“Princess!” says a distant raspy voice 


They look behind and see a group of bandits  then marina says “What do you want?”


“Were robbing you obviously” says the main bandit 


“EXCUSE ME!? Says Daruias as he slides in front of Marina  


“What she’s being dumb so I answered her question,” says the bandit 


“You made the worst mistake of your life,” says Darius. He dashes at the bandit and they begin a sword fight. Then Ice King and Marina combine their powers to freeze most of the bandits but then a bandit throws knives at Marina but she stops them with a water bubble. Then Ice King jumps over her and sends a swarm of sharp ice at them and it smashes them away then another bandit jumps at Marina but she bubbles his face and throws it at a frozen bandit and smashes it Then the main bandit was about to slash daruias but then a voice calls out saying





They all look back and  see a man with royal clothing and a crown. The man says daruias “what is this mess”


From what ice king gathered daruias would snap back but he simply kneels and says “am sorry I will do better”


“AND YOU” he says while he points at ice king he continues saying” GET OUT!”


Marina moves in front of ice king and says “WAIT, papa let’s think he helped me out with these bandits” Marina nudges him and says¨tell him about the journey your on¨


Ice king says ¨Excuse me, I need to tell you something. The shadows of distant lands are back and am collecting elementals to stop them and your daughter is one of them as you probably know so..¨


PLEASE¨Marina cries out


¨this is not a yes but ice king you can stay in my castle for a little while  and if my opinion changes for some reason she can go¨ says the king 

¨ŸAY!”says marina as she grabs ice kings hand and sprints towards the castle.


She bursts open the doors and runs to some doors but daruias catches up and says ¨marina what are you doing¨ 


¨I am showing him the garden¨ she replies.marina opens the doors and its full of the most beautiful plants.marina runs to the end of the garden which is  also a cliff. She looks back at the ice king and daruias and starts walking backwards and says ¨well what do you think?¨

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  • N

    Naomi Hansen ¦ Feb 15, 2024 at 11:30 am

    Interesting story! Can’t wait for Chapter 5!

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    Clara Bakkane ¦ Feb 14, 2024 at 11:41 am

    I can’t wait for chapter 4! I like Marina.