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The Elementals: Chapter 1

This is a story about humans having elemental powers and stopping a old threat. check back each week for a new chapter a don’t worry if you miss one or two chapters there will be a link for past chapters
The Elementals: Chapter 1




by Trafford

 Co-editor Bradley 


Chapter 1

In The Beginning

Dedicated to Gunner 

Once upon a time, there was a land full of peace and love which turned to hatred and war. The humans were at war with creatures named shadows of distant lands.


  One fateful day, the humans were about to lose. The Elementals were born and they crushed the creatures.


And now, many many years later, brothers were born. One with ice magic, one with fire magic and they grew up with a brotherly relationship. Then, the fire king broke their bond and they have grown apart since then



 The fire brother was weaker than his younger ice brother. Ice’s brother was always stronger because of his gem. Yes, elementals have gems that give them powers. If someone kills them they get their elemental gem and if you consume the gem before it chooses its next host you get their powers.



Now, many many years later, they became kings. Despite both of their immense military power, they maintain peace between their regions. Ice King is married to Ice Queen. Then they had a kid named Glimmer and somehow she has ice powers, but she isn’t an elemental because Ice King hired a wizard to scan her body and there was no gem.


 That is where our story begins. The Glimmer and Ice Queen were out of the castle, so the fire king came. The Fire King came through the front doors and the Ice King was there to greet him. The Ice King said, “Hello brother.”

 “Hello ullr .“ The Fire King chuckled. l haven’t heard that in a while thinks Ice King Before they could say more, the Ice King teleported him to a room with a snap, he had noticed that something was unfamiliar about Fire King, it just didn’t seem right, as if he were being controlled. Then Fire King lunged at him engaging   in combat, ice king summons his sword, and Fire King summons his dual swords and then shot fire out of his mouth but it was blocked by Ice King’s ice when it hit, water droplets flung off, then Ice King used the water droplets as ice to shoot at fire king to disable him but he simply shoots fire to melt it again but soon ice king just disappears then he appears behind him but then fire king blocks and says You think I will fall for that


¨Yes, says a voice behind him¨. He turns around to find the ice king. I will just put an ice element magic glyph on your back so don’t try melting it, it won’t work Says the Ice King. Soon enough  The fire king is getting covered in ice. STOP YOU WILL NEVER STOP THE SHA-¨ he says as his sentence gets cut off. Am…….truly… Sorry agni says the ice king in a saddened voice.

End of Chapter 1

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